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    Curious Minds

    International School

  • School Meals

    School Meals

    Halaal and Vegetarian meals are available on request

  • Aftercare Facility

    Aftercare Facility

    Aftercare begins at 12:30 and learners not collected by this time will be signed into aftercare.
    The aftercare program is tended to by designated staff.

Introducing Preschool to Grade 3

Small, English Medium, Independent Micro School

Opening Hours 6am - 6pm

Our School

Curious Minds International School is an independent, english medium , micro-school which is run on a combination of traditional and Montessori teaching methods and principles. We have, through trial and error as well as experience chosen various areas of both methods for our very own unique and effective stimulation program. We also incorporate the methods and solutions of Dr Melodie de Jager's Mind Moves.

This high quality educational facility offers services to learners from Preschool to Grade 3 (approx 9 years).

Our Micro-School is the re-invention of a one room school house, where the site of our classes are smaller with mixed-aged level groupings. Allowing children who want to advance the freedom to do so. Our classtime is impactful and purposeful with hands on activities and learning approaches. The flexibility in our daily programme allows us to meet the individual and specific needs of each child!

We focus on the cleanliness and hygiene of the surroundings, appropriate stimulation of the child and most importantly, the happiness and contentment of each and every child. “A persons a Person No Matter How Small!” (Dr Seuss)

Our program is designed to allow children to learn through play while encouraging (and noticing) individual interests. By promoting independence and developing an emerging awareness of social behavior, we help young learners expand their world beyond the home to the school community.

Teachers support growing independence by providing opportunities for classroom jobs: putting things away, washing hands, and choosing materials and activities. Many opportunities are provided to increase a child’s ability to communicate by developing active listening and expressive language skills.

Throughout the day children make self-directed (but carefully guided choices), participate in small groups, take part in circle time, and build the confidence needed to try new things. Children enjoy free play to allow creativity and imagination to flourish. Teachers facilitate opportunities for children to engage in reading, writing, listening, and speaking using poems, finger plays, puppets, singing, and rhyming.

We promote the entitlement of each and every learner to become a strong child, a skillful communicator, a competent learner and a healthy, well balanced and all rounded child.

More information about Micro-Schooling

What We Offer

Meals, Aftercare, Extramurals. It never gets boring with us.

Daily Meals

Daily Meals

Halaal and Vegetarian meals
are available on request.

Aftercare Facility

Aftercare Facility

Aftercare begins at 12:30 and learners not collected by this time will be signed into aftercare. The aftercare program is tended to by designated staff.

Parents have the option of a monthly rate until 15:00 or until 17:30. There is also a daily rate for parents wishing to make use of this facility on an ad hoc basis. Children must be picked up by 17:30.

Three-Quarter Day : Until 15:00
Full Day : Until 17:30

Children who still require a sleep will do so. Other children will have "down" time to read books or play quietly.

Extramurals and Curriculm ex


  • Pottery Classes
  • Little Chefs Club
  • Dance Mouse
  • Ballet
  • Young Engineers
  • Chemwize
  • Maths
  • Kindergym
  • Swimming
  • English is Fun
  • Soccer
  • Chess
  • Equip
  • Tennis Minions
  • Hip Hop

Our Team


Gina Wallick
Owner and Principal

I have three of my own children who have inspired my passion for education and stimulation of young children. I love teaching and have always taught extra maths lessons to children of all ages.
My love for teaching and desire to create a place for children to be stimulated , loved and nurtured brought about Curious Minds.

My qualifications are : Bachelor's degree in Actuarial Science from University of Pretoria, North American Montessori Diploma, Post Graduate in Education UNISA, Diploma in Child Psychology, Certificate in ECD Management UNISA, Certificate in Dealing with Problem Behaviour in Children UNISA


Magda Briggs
Aftercare Manager

Magda is our Aftercare Supervisor and has 5 years experience in aftercare. She is a mom of three children who are 34 years, 29 years and 24 years. 3 years experience in a Montessori environment. Magda is an energetic, organised, people's person who adores small children.


Ashleigh Garrett

My name is Ashleigh Garrett, I have been part of the Curious Minds family for three and a half years. Ihave been teaching for 5 years and have a Montessori qualification. My teaching experience ranges from children from 2 years old. I also have experience working with special needs children. Teaching is my passion and to know that you are shaping the youth of today is absolutely rewarding.


Daly Dube

Higher certificate in ECD NQF level 5 and a higher certificate in Montessori 3-6 years. SACE Registered ECD 12290235. Work experience : Teacher at Vine College Grade 1 and Grade 2 for 4 years. Montessori experience 5 years at Little Oak Montessori.


Laura Strydom

My name is Laura Elizabeth Strydom and I have recently completed a Bachelor of Education in Early Childhood and Foundation Phase at the University of Pretoria. My teaching experience ranges from Grade 00 to grade 1, however I love all ages in the foundation phase! I am extremely passionate about education and enjoy creativity in every aspect of my life. I believe that all children have the ability to learn and deserve an abundance of love, care and respect. If learners are presented with fun, stimulating and rich learning environments that are safe and cooperative, they will truly flourish. I have travelled and lived in many countries and completed my school career on the sunny coast of Australia.

Our Calendar

Term 1

16 Jan – 20 March

Term 2

8 April – 21 June

Term 3

15 July – 20 Sept

Term 4

30 Sept – 6 Dec

Curriculum Extra Murals

Included in your school fees

Be Sharp Beetles is a Music Education programme that develops children from birth to eight years of age.

Wide variety of Pre-School programs (focusing on Gr. 0000, 000 , 00, 0) Perceptual skills (Gr. 0000 – Gr. 1) Tablet literacy (All grades)


Good day , l just wanted to write to let you know how I appreciate the positive influence they had on our children . Lillian and Pheobie they are always attend each child as they are own and also updating each every parents with useful advice on our children . I will be forever greatful.

They are always busy every time I come to drop or fetch my son. They are wonderful teachers ,and I appreciate their love, kindness ,support and generosity to our children. Great teachers and mentor.Best teachers for Squirrels class.

I personal thank you , Simone for your support during a difficult time when I needed advice, words of comfort. You such generous , kind person . thank you for your help and understanding. I am incredibly fortunate to find a school with people deeply cares about my son.

Lisa, mom

Snugbugs available to order



Gina Wallick

1016 Justice Mahomed (310 Charles Street)
Brooklyn, Between Rupert and Farrell Streets
Phone: 012 346 3539
Mail: gina@curiousminds.co.za

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